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“A farmers market is a predominantly fresh food market that operates regularly within a community at a focal public location that provides a suitable environment for farmers and food producers to sell farm origin and associated value added processed food products directly to customers”

The Mudgee Farmers Market is run by the committee of Mudgee Fine Foods Inc. MFFI is a non profit organisation launched in June 2005 to increase awareness of our local food industry and to promote the Mudgee region in conjunction with Mudgee Wine Grape Growers Assn. Inc. and Mudgee Regional Tourism.

The MFFI operates the Farmer’s Market to give the community the opportunity to purchase fresh locally grown foods, plants and value-added produce directly from the grower/maker. It gives local producers the opportunity to meet and talk directly with their customers, with relatively low costs, whilst getting a good price for their product.

It is recommended that stallholders be members of MFFInc. This gives you a say in the promotion of, and marketing opportunities for your product. Download a Membership form here .

Mudgee Farmer’s Markets are for farmers and food producers of quality regional produce, fresh and value added foods, self-propagated plants, seeds, herbs, small live-stock, organic fertilizers, worm farms, compost and flowers. Under no circumstances will any type of craft be allowed to be sold.

The region is broadly defined as the Central West area. This includes: Mudgee, Gulgong, Orange, Bathurst, Dubbo, Rylstone, Kandos, Ilford, Sofala, Wellington and Goolma. Neighbouring areas will be permitted at the discretion of the MFFI Committee.

All produce must be sold by the producer, family member, farm colleague or an employee (at the discretion of the Market Manager) i.e. we require a principal producer or representative who is directly involved in the production process to be the seller. Re-sellers are not permitted. Value added produce is to be of a high quality and, preferably, derived primarily from the vendors property or from within the local defined region.

Cooked foods should be of the highest quality and where possible utilise local produce – ideally from other stallholders. It needs to conform to NSW Food Authority guidelines.

Any products being sold as organic must have, and display, proof of certification.
Every stall should be clearly identified and named. We encourage evidence of production authenticity, eg. Signs, photos, etc.

Sample giving and tastings are a great way to promote and sell your product. Please ensure foodhandling guidelines are adhered to.

Any business that is providing a value-added and/or processed product must notify the NSW Food Authority. This can be done via their website: or phone 1300 552 406.

All value added products are to be packaged and labelled according to appropriate Government regulations, and are the responsibility of the stallholder. As a minimum these requirements generally include name of producer, business name, address of business, weight, best by date and ingredients in descending order etc. See

On the market day, you are responsible for bringing all your own equipment and leave your stall and communal areas clean and tidy when packed up.


  1. You must be set up and be ready to trade comfortably before the advertised starting time of 8.30am.
  2. For setting up, vehicle access is via Market Street only. Please park on paved area only to unload (unless given prior consent from Market Manager) The Church has asked us not to park on grassed areas.
  3. Vehicles must be off-site immediately after unloading. You are asked to be particularly careful at all times when driving within the site; to drive with extreme caution and limited to 5 kph
  4. You must not pack up before the end of advertised trading – 12.30pm, unless with the permission of the market manager in exceptional circumstances. This is an O H & S issue.
  5. On market day the market manager has the right to uphold the charter and request that any items in breach be withdrawn from sale or any non-compliant stalls be requested to leave.
  6. A raffle is held at each market, to help cover running costs. All stallholders are expected to contribute goods from their stall.
  7. Any suggestions or requests must be made in writing to MFFInc.
  8. All stall holders must ensure the Market Manager has a completed Stallholder Application Form and a copy of current Public Liability policy, before setting up.
  9. We do not guarantee regular stall sites. Regular sites will only be kept until 7.30am. After that time the Market Manager reserves the right to re-allocate that site unless prior arrangements have been made.
  10. Stallholder fees are decided and set by the MFFI committee. Stallholder fees collected are allocated for ground hire, insurance, promotion, and running costs.
  11. All decisions regarding eligibility are decided by the Market Management Committee in consultation with the Market Manager.

For any enquiries regarding the market, please contact Market Manager:
Julie Watt

Mobile: 0412 222 442
PO Box 794, MUDGEE. NSW 2850